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Opal Deco, as one of the well-known and most experienced machine-made pictorial carpet manufacturers and suppliers in the Middle East, has been operating in the domestic market for more than two decades. This business has decided to supply its quality hanging wall rugs to the global market by establishing a specialized company as well as branding its products under the trademark of OPALDECO from 2022. OPALDECO can manufacture and supply premium quality machine-made hanging wall carpets in custom sizes, from small sizes to size of 150cm*250cm, with its rich collections of designs as well as custom designs at the customer’s request. OPALDECO is proud to supply high-quality machine-made pictorial carpets for various businesses and organizations, as its professional customers, from all over the world.

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Top Quality of Resolution, Coloring and Density

Top Quality of Carpet, Print and Fringes

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