The characteristics of a high quality machine-made pictorial carpet

Maybe you also have a question about what are the characteristics of a quality machine-made pictorial carpet. Basically, three components of raw carpet quality, print quality and the quality of fringe affect the overall quality of a pictorial carpet, which we will describe in this article:

1- The quality of raw carpet

a.The length of pile yarn (Thickness)

The thickness or length of pile is one of the characteristics of a quality pictorial carpet. The length of pile in a pictorial carpet should not be so high that it feels like a flooring carpet, nor should it be so low that it no longer feels like a carpet. Usually, the thickness of a normal and quality carpet is about 8 to 10 mm.

b. The quality of pile yarn (softness)

The material of pile thread in machine made pictorial carpets is generally made of polyester. Polyester threads have various qualities in the market. The higher the quality of the polyester thread in the carpets, the softer the carpets, even in high-density carpets. Unfortunately, in the production of some carpets, low-quality polyester thread is used, which causes the carpet to be hard and not soft. In some cases, this matter is so great that the carpets take on a cracked and broken appearance.

c. The density

Carpet density is another sign of quality carpet. Usually, the higher density of reeds and picks in a carpet, the better the quality of the print will be, and touching the carpet will not leave a trace on the carpet. It should also be noted that the fictitious number mentioned for the density of the pictorial carpets by the sellers in the marketing advertisements should not be used only as a criterion for purchase, but the result should be considered. Currently, based on real numbers, 700 to 1000 reeds/meter carpets with picks/meter of 1200 to 1400 are among the good carpets in the pictorial carpet market. The image below shows the output of a low density carpet:

d. Being flawless on the front and back of the carpet

Another sign of a quality pictorial carpet is the flawlessness of the back of the carpet. In a high-quality carpet, there is no sign of stretching or protruding threads. The image below shows an example of the back of a low-quality carpet:

2- The quality of print

a. Clarity, resolution and non-mixing of colors on front and back of the carpet

One of the most important characteristics of a machine-made pictorial carpets is the quality of printing. A quality print has clarity and high resolution, and there is no mixing of colors.

b. Long-term color stability

Another feature of a quality pictorial carpet is that in the long run, with proper use and maintenance (away from direct sunlight and harmful detergents), the carpet will have color stability.

3- The quality of rug fringe

Another characteristic of a quality pictorial carpet is the type and quality of the rug fringe. Usually, in quality carpets, the fringe is knotted and relatively long, and the edges are densely stitched. An example of low-quality stitching on the edge of the carpet can be seen in the image below:

Now that you got acquainted with the characteristics of a quality pictorial carpet, we must inform you that we at OPALDECO are trying to supply the premium quality machine-made pictorial carpets to our customers from all over the world.

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